Capacity Planning

How many FTE do I need to achieve my objectives?

The deployment of employees is the costliest part of a contact center operation. It is therefore essential to know how many employees you need to achieve particular objectives. The capacity planning of Fourworkx WFM offers immediate insight into this on the basis of the supply of work forecast and the entered service level objectives. Zoom in on day level or take an aggregate on a weekly or monthly basis and you will see at a glance how many hours or FTE you need and what the total costs are. By making use of this software you prevent superfluous, high personnel costs, for instance at quiet times of the year.

Shrinkages components

Take account of all desired shrinkage factors by simply adding a component to your capacity plan. Choose whether you want to apply it as a percentage of the total or a fixed number of hours and you will automatically see it translated into your required capacity.
Use the same default shrinkage factors throughout the year or change them per day, week or month.

Organzation arrangement

Thanks to the flexible configuration model for capacity planning it is simple to create a model for your whole organization and subsequently to zoom in on departmental or team level.

Multi-skill benefits

Curious about the benefits of the multi-skilled deployment of employees? Simply create a script in which you combine work queues at one level and you will immediately see the efficiency benefits of multi-skilled working.