Forecast Accuracy GraphForecasting in minutes instead of hours using sophisticated algorithms

Would you like to generate a forecast by
simply pushing a button and knowing that you will be using the most sophisticated
algorithms available today? No hassle with complex MS Excel files that lack
functionality, but proper developed software that guides you and brings you the best
results. If you are looking for true ease of use and advanced functionality to generate your forecast, then we have what you need.
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Missing values and outlier detection

Optimize your data with auto detection of missing values and outliers

The better the data, the more accurate the
forecast. That is why we offer automated detection of missing values and outliers whilst importing data.
Missing values in the imported data can be automatically filled by a sophisticated
interpolation based value that you can apply or change as desired.
Our forecasting solution also offers the possibility of automatically correcting outliers within the imported data and/or you can manually adjust the
imported data yourself.
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Fourworkx WFM log inAvailable anywhere at any time for your convenience

Our forecasting solution is cloud-based, offering you access from
everywhere all the time regardless of which system you use. As data security is something we take very serious, we use data encryption on all your data and the connections you use to access your data. As our system, our
professional service and support team is available to help you at any time.



Check out what experts say

Rob J. Hyndman

Still not convinced? Maybe this will help. Our forecasting solution has been approved and
recommended by Professor Rob J. Hyndman, one of the world’s leading statistics professors, winner of several awards and author of numerous bestsellers on forecasting.

“Fourworkx WFM is an advanced, unique, user friendly and affordable online solution for all
forecasting challenges in the field of Customer Service. I have thoroughly tested this forecasting solution with a wide range of data and it provides excellent and reliable forecasts.”

Rob J. Hyndman, Professor of Statistics at Monash University, Australia.

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